In the case of a minor collision, many car owners wonder whether they need to take their car in for a collision repair. There are varying opinions on this, but there are several strong reasons that a checkup is a good idea in any kind of car accident. Here are some of the reasons to visit a collision center. 

Rust Problems

Rust problems are one of the potential long term consequences of a minor collision. If the collision's impact was large enough to make a dent or even a chip in your car's finish, this can pave the way for rust to set in. Over time, the rust can eat away at the car's structural materials. 

Unreliable Battery

Another thing that can happen in a minor auto collision is a broken battery. The impact of the collision may cause some sediment to lift from the bottom of the battery, landing on the lead plates in your battery's cells and causing them to short out. This doesn't have to happen right away— it could be unexpected, which is potentially dangerous. Have a collision center check on the condition of your battery whenever there is a collision. 

Structural Issues

Structural issues can also be hidden after a minor collision. For instance, an impact that throws your frame slightly out of whack can become a problem that snowballs. The shifted metal weakens your vehicle's structure and makes it weaker upon a second impact. 

At the same time, the car's structural integrity is key to a safe ride. When your frame has been damaged, it's hard to predict how it can change the movement of your car when you most need control of it. 

Tweaked Parts

There doesn't need to be major structural damage to become an issue, either. A small part that's shifted a little bit out of alignment can become a liability if it eventually breaks loose and hits another moving part. Also, parts that are set a bit out of alignment may create space for fluids to start leaking. For instance, a hose may accidentally get punctured and start leaking water into the engine, creating the way for malfunction. 

Some car owners may be worried about the value of making minor collision repairs after an accident. But the benefit of an auto checkup is that you can get a full rundown of problems that you may have missed during your inspection. From there, you can consult with you insurance and do your own triage to learn which repairs to make. Talk to a collision center, like River's Truck Center or another location, for more help and advice.