Mercedes are often considered reliable, elegant automobiles. This is mainly a correct judgment! However, like all machines, they are subject to wear and tear, and even a finely engineered piece of machine can fall victim to a fault or two. Here are just a few issues that can befall a Mercedes.

Too Low Front End

This is a common issue that tends to fall S-Class Mercedes-Benz that come equipped with air-ride suspension. Two or more of the corners of the car will often fail, which will lower the car to such a degree that driving is an impossibility. The most common cause of this failure is due to leaking struts, although in some cases, the entirety of your shocks must be replaced.

Won't Shift Out Of Park

E and S class Mercedes-Benz often have an issue where the gear shifter will not come out of park. You will most likely be able to "feel" that this problem is going to happen before it actually does. You may notice that you are having some trouble getting your car to come out of park, or the gear shift "sticks." This is a problem that is usually caused by a failure in the selector module and can be easily fixed by a Mercedes repair person.

Ignition Will Not Turn

This is not to be confused with people saying that the car will not "turn" in the sense that it will not turn on, but rather, the key can slide into the barrel, but simply will not turn, at all. Much like the problem of your gear shifter not being able to shift out of park, you can often times "feel" this issue before it happens. The most common cause of this issue is a failing EIS module. These can be easily replaced and are relatively inexpensive.

Startup Rattle

Some Mercedes-Benz models have an issue where, right after startup, you will hear a distinct rattling noise coming from the engine for upwards of 15 seconds. You should have this issue examined as soon as possible, as it is often associated with a worn belt tensioner. If not replaced, this can cause the engine belt to snap, and leave your car in an undriveable state.

If your car is suffering from any of these issues, don't hesitate to call on the services of a licensed Mercedes repair person. While common, they can make a lot of damage.