Your car's transmission is one of the most mission-critical internal parts. A car without a working transmission will not be going anywhere and yet, the transmission tends to be a part the car that can be overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance and care. If you want to ensure that your car's automatic transmission remains in top shape for many years to come, keep these tips in mind.

Don't Forget the Transmission Fluid and Filter

Changing your car's engine oil on a regular basis is something most car owners remember to do, but don't forget about the transmission fluid and filter as well. Forgetting to switch out the transmission fluid at least once a year is a leading cause of broken down transmissions. Changing the transmission filter can be a bit more difficult on some vehicles but that's where a local auto shop that specializes in transmission repair can come in handy.

Take It Easy After Starting the Car in Cold Weather

When it's cold outside, your transmission is just as cold as you likely are. It and other parts of your car need to warm up a bit before the car can be operated at maximum efficiency. Cold transmission fluid simply does not lubricate as well as warm fluid. Avoid flooring the gas pedal for at least the first several miles after you start the vehicle until you're sure the transmission can handle the workload.

Avoid Sudden Changes in Speed

The entire point of an automatic transmission is that it does the work for you as your vehicle speeds up and slows down. But every time your vehicle dramatically changes its speed, you will be putting some wear and tear onto your transmission. Sometimes when driving, a sudden stop can't be avoided. But you can keep these situations to a minimum by avoiding speeding just for speeding's sake. Try to ensure that any increase or decrease in speed happens gradually and not suddenly and you'll likely add years of service to your transmission.

The transmission is a critical part of every vehicle. If you want your automatic transmission to provide you with many years of service, you'll want to keep up with regular maintenance and avoid bad decisions that could damage it while out on the road. Change your transmission filter and oil at least once a year. If you live somewhere that gets especially cold in the winter, take it easy after first starting up the car. Finally, avoid sudden changes in speed as much as possible to avoid unneeded wear and tear on the transmission.