Like many drivers, the only time you may think about the engine is if there is a problem. However, there are some things you can do on a regular basis that can help you preserve your car engine so that it continues to function properly for you. Here are steps you can take to keep the engine working.

Make Time for Oil Changes

You probably already know that you have to have periodic oil changes. However, you might not understand why they are so important. Oil is very important for your car's engine because it prevents different components from overheating due to friction by providing lubrication to those components. Without oil, your engine would soon experience problems. Over time, the oil in your car's engine can become grimy and less effective, which is why you need to have it changed out for brand new, clean oil.

Different mechanics suggest varying times for having oil changes done, but you should read your car's owner manual to determine what the manufacturer says about oil changes for your particular car and model.

Stop Speeding

You might already be aware that speeding can earn you a moving violation ticket from a police officer, but it's also important to stop speeding to preserve your car engine. When you travel at high speeds, parts inside the engine, such as pistons, heat up and work harder to allow the car to speed up. As as result, they might wear out faster than they would otherwise. Keep your speeds down whenever possible so that you don't cause engine parts to prematurely fail.

Allow Time for Warming Up the Engine When It is Cold

You may have heard rumors or suspect that there is no reason for warming the car before you start driving for the day in months where the temperature is low. However, consider that a cold car may mean that cold oil and fuel lines take longer to warm up those fluids, making your engine work harder if you just start up the car and take off. Give your engine some time to warm so that everything is working optimally. Warming up the engine for even a short period is acceptable.

With the above tips, you should have enough information to take the actions necessary to preserve the engine in your car. Talk to mechanics at your local garage, such as, for more suggestions that will help your engine last.