If you drive trucks for a living, there's a good chance that you might have extra batteries on hand in order to make a quick switch should yours die. This is a great way to maintain productivity. However, if you are storing and maintaining your batteries incorrectly, then you are going to lose efficiency because your battery is not going to hold as great of a charge or will continually leak charge. Here are some tips for maintaining and storing your extra batteries for your truck.

1. Don't Allow the Battery to Ever Drop Beneath the Recommended Number of Volts

Your first step, for any extra battery that you have, is to hook it up to a maintainer. The maintainer will keep the battery at its recommended number of volts at all times, allowing you to leave your battery in a closet for a long time and feel confident that, when you remove it, it is going to be fully charged and will not lose a charge more quickly than normal. You can purchase battery maintainers online or at your local automotive shop. Read the manufacturer's guide to find out the recommended number of volts that the battery should be putting out in order to charge itself.

2. Keep Corrosion at Bay

If you are looking at your battery and notice that the terminals have some rust on them, you will need to remove the rust as soon as possible in order to avoid accidentally damaging your battery with any degree of permanence. You can do this by taking one cup of water and mixing between half a tablespoon to a tablespoon of baking soda in it. Make sure that the water is lukewarm. Once you have a solution made, you can take a soft rag and dip one corner into the solution. Then, use the rag to scrub away the rust. If there is corrosion in nooks and crannies that you are unable to reach, use an old toothbrush as your cleaning mechanism. Allow your battery to dry completely before putting it on a maintainer or back in your truck.

3. Before Charging a Battery With a Truck, Make Sure That Overvoltage Isn't Possible

Finally, before you charge a battery that is attached to a truck, make sure that truck's electrical system is protected against overvoltage, which could permanently damage the electrical system and render it unusable.

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