Outfitting your first four-wheel-drive truck for off road adventures can be a fun yet overwhelming experience. With so many different upgrades and unique accessories, it's hard to know what will be practical and what might just get in the way. One of the features that you should really think about adding to your truck is an LED light bar. When you choose one that's designed for off road environments, it can help improve your visibility no matter what environment you find yourself in. Here are a few features that you need to consider as you shop for the perfect light bar for your rig.

  • Durability - off road trails can be harsh and demanding, jarring your rig in any combination of directions. That means that taking your rig off road subjects all of your aftermarket accessories to demands that they wouldn't otherwise encounter on ordinary roadways. To mitigate this concern, you'll want to make sure that your light bar is as durable as possible. Choosing one that's exclusively designed for off road environments helps to ensure that the lights will stand up to whatever comes your way. Cases crafted from aluminum or strengthened fiberglass. Make sure that it's designed to be watertight and sealed against bugs.
  • Power Demand - Any off-road light bar you put on your truck will be powered by the truck's battery. To ensure that you have enough power available for your lights, you'll need to know what amp draw the light bar has. A lower amp draw will reduce the risk of draining your battery if you have to use it on the trail after a breakdown. Opt for a light bar that has energy-efficient LEDs because those will draw less power. This is especially important with off-road vehicles because there are often other accessories drawing power, including things like winches and power inverters.
  • Light Output - Versatility in your lighting is beneficial when you will be out on the trail. Look for a light bar that offers floodlights, spotlights and general lighting. That way, you have options for any kind of environment or situation. Spotlights are great for targeting light when you've got a driver stuck on an obstacle, while floodlights are key for dark areas, particularly if you're concerned about wildlife or unmaintained trails.

Knowing what features are most beneficial can ensure that you get a light bar that will meet your needs. Talk with a light bar manufacturer about the kinds of trail rides you do so that you can get the model that's best for your rig.